GT Stump Pulling

Specialists in converting ex- bluegum/pines plantation land back to productive agricultural property.

Now offering additional agricultural services.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the customer, providing superior work at a competitive price. Our range of equipment and the skills of our operators enable GT Stump Pulling to provide their customers with great service at an affordable price.

Our Goal

GT Stump Pulling’s goal is to help the farming community re-claim their land and expand farming land for agricultural purposes. With the collapse of the Blue gum investment schemes of the 90’s and land prices rising, we see the need for reversion services.

About Us

Brad Dickenson, Owner and Director of GT Stump Pulling, is a qualified mechanic from Naracoorte SA. Growing up on the family farm of 607 hectares, he has broad knowledge of machinery operation and loves working on the land. Over Brad’s career he has experienced roles in agriculture, mechanical, engineering and operating machinery to equip him with the combined knowledge to use in a unique business in GT Stump Pulling.

The Process

We use the Stump plucker to pull out the stump and root structure. Then we rake the plucked area with the tow behind stick rake creating large windrows wide enough to plough between them and use the excavator to take out any stumps we have missed (mainly the bigger edge stumps). Then use the excavator to tidy up the windrowed trash. On completion of this process if required we can disc flat, harrow and/or level bar ready for seeding and rolling.

Our Services

We have a 26tonne Excavator with a GP bucket, Ripper and Stick rake for the cover stumps and clean-up work in the plantations. We also clear fire breaks and create and clean out dams.

We use a 600hp Case Steiger and a 450hp Case Quadtrack with upgraded track gear to pull the stump plucker and stick rake to clear the plantation.

We use our 230hp jcb fast track to disc plough the cleared land followed by Heavy harrows and levelling bar to level out property in preparation for seeding and rolling.

  • Remove stumps and rake trash
  • Disc ploughing
  • Heavy harrowing
  • Level bar
  • Seeding
  • Rock rolling (ribbed roller)
  • Clearing fire breaks
  • Dam construction
  • Demolition

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